Kathy N.

Love this place we always stop here either on the way to Alexandria or the way back they have the best food and always very friendly

Faithe' H.

Absolutely love Little Boos. Their food is amazing, great staff, and awesome prices. I've been saying for years someone needed to put a truck stop there. And now that it and all the other stuff that are there will be hardly any reason to go to town. Love it.

Lisa G.

Very courteous staff always smiling and eager to help they make our trips coming in from Alexandria pleasant

Kayla L.

The breakfast is amazing everyone should go in there and also try the iced coffee it's great ! The staff are really nice! Will definitely be making more stops by!

Janice N.

This place has been the best thing for the area. The service is excellent in each part of the store. The food is really good. We are in there all the time. Lol. THANK YOU!

Emilye B.

Lil Boo's has everything we need right here! No more random trips back to town! Awesome food and the best ice! So glad yall are here!

Sheree B.

Great place to eat and shop or go to doctor and get meds at the same time and place

Kristin T.

So proud to have this in our little town! Wonderful store, and the friendliest staff you will ever meet

Linda O.

Fried catfish at the deli is great! Wonderful people helping you there. They've added a boutique! Fun shopping!

Geri D.

We get everything we can here and they have EVERYTHING!!!!

Happy Customer

Family owned and faith driven. Fabulous service!